Ellipse is about a cosmic game that spans centuries and galaxies. It is a game of influence played by immortal beings who come to Earth and choose extraordinary people to help them win.

The Game is to seed the universe with organic material and where it starts life, we monitor and protect it from our opponent. We leave clues to where this life can be found while our opponent tries to prevent its discovery.

It is a game of influence. The greatest player we have is Leo. He plays on Earth.

Stars: Deborah Bouchard, Brian Bovell, Jessie Folley, David Elliot

Written and Directed by Ilana Rein
Produced by Louis Savy

Original Music by Luke Corradine
DOP: Gareth Ward
Editor: Ben Nugent
Sound Design: Cormac Donnelly

A SCI-FI-LONDON/PAX33 production.