Our role on the Out of this World: Science Fiction but not as you know it exhibition was to advise on film content and audio recordings.  We also adapted Karel Capek’s ROSSUM’S UNIVERSAL ROBOTS (R.U.R) from a 3.5hour stageplay to a 90min screenplay.  The adaptation was developed by Louis Savy and written by Ivor Benjamin.   

We presented a rehearsed reading at the library as part of the season.  You can listen to it below:


The event ran from 20 May – 25 September 2011 and was the British Library’s first exhibition to explore science fiction through literature, film, illustration and sound by uncovering gems of the Library’s collections from the earliest science fiction manuscripts to the latest best-selling novels.

This unique exhibition, guest-curated by Andy Sawyer, Science Fiction Collections Librarian, University of Liverpool, examined how science fiction is distinct from other related genres such as fantasy and horror. Tracing the development of the genre from True History by Lucian of Samosata written in the 2nd century AD to the recent writings of Cory Doctorow and China Miéville, the exhibition showed how science fiction has turned from a niche into a global phenomenon.